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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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chance for rain and storms to the area. maureen: it won't end tonight. chief meteorologist doug hill has a timeline for the rain and what we could see the rest of the week. edoug: is area in a flash flood watch. red area is the area of successive rain causing the flash flooding in progress. the rain is relentless along and west of i-95. the area of orange with the heaviest downpours and these are the heavy areas and almost three inches an hour falling over the foothills now. of the blue ridge. that is moving north. another area of two inches of rain per hour falling southwest of fredericksburg. heading northward in those directions. a tough night. west of the metro area. a cluster you see of yellow and orange, the heaviest rain may take a swipe at d.c. proper this evening. that is the first concern. more chances of the showers the next couple of days but
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the next concern is this. tropical storm joaquin. now the 65-mile-per-hour sustained winds gusting to 75. it has gotten stronger during the day. it continues to move northward over the weekend and it could interact with a cold front without coming on shore to cause excessive rain. a lot to watch. but especially late friday, friday night and saturday. we may get too much rain. that is something we will highlight in the next several days. more for you in a few minutes. leon: let's turn to the traffic patterns now. we have a big mess on the roads. jamie sullivan is watching it for us now. jamie: a rough ride. especially traveling on the inner loop of the beltway through montgomery county continuing to prince george's county. the issue is emergency roadwork. it has you down to the single digits. it's on the inner loop of the beltway at route 40. this is backup starting in montgomery county near bethesda. still pretty sluggish getting through silver springs, continuing to college park. as we wrap around to where the
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roadwork is, it is slow. 64 minutes. it will take you just over one hour, that is not the full 14-mile trek. that is just from 270 to 950. we have this that is four miles. take a live look. i want to show you, when you mix in the wet roads and add in the emergency roadwork, this is what you get. solid brake lights. comparatively speaking this is the outer loop. you see the traffic slowing though it's wet. the inner loop inching along. hang in there, tonight is a rough ride in maryland. back to you. maureen: thank you, i'll take that. well, we know that the moments are precious in an emergency. now d.c. wants to change the ambulance response. they would outsource low priority calls to a private contractor. sam ford is live with how soon it could happen. sam? sam: we are outside george
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washington university hospital. busy mace for the d.c. ambulance -- busy place for d.c. ambulances. it could happen in months. most people seem to like it. but it raises questions. >> could it be problematic if you are ill. but they don't perceive you to be that ill. it could cause problems for a lot of people. sam: one reaction to mayor bowser's man to use private ambulances when the residents call 911. at a breakfast meeting with the council, the mayor flanked by the fire chief talked to the city ambulances. people work 23 out of 24 hours a day. >> the people have no time for basic rest, lunch, other things they need. much less training. sam: d.c. is running estimated 500 calls a day, compared to half that many a decade ago. >> what will it cost? sam: the mayor said it's details they have yet to work
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out. they have a d.c. ambulance to 911 call and transport those critical and wait for private ambulance to arrive. >> it would give us ability to respond to calls to get away from the gaps. >> in general we support the idea but only on a short-term basis. we want a long-term solution. sam: among the public, support. >> people do go to the emergency room for the nonemergency basis. sam: but criticism, too. >> i'm appalled. sam: you don't think people should wait for private ambulance? >> no. we should get to the hospital. sam: the mayor wouldn't say how long they would use them or if they would be permanent part of the picture. there is a hearing on the issue on thursday. reporting live sam ford, abc7
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news. leon: thank you. on metro, the service changes for the evening commute. metro is hustling to make repairs after a transformer fire. but it means skipped stations, longer waits and different trains. mike carter-conneen john us us live where am look at the story -- with a look at the story from where students ride. mike: students and many others who use the metro rail station in rush hour will be impacted for some time. residents in the surrounding neighborhoods, national guardsman at the armory. though attending events at red wingsf.k. stadium would be forced to transfer or take shuttle buses. with the advancement of ride free many students depend on the metro. it's too early to say if the attendance was affect today but hundreds of her students travel through the armory
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station. but at the middle school a third of the teachers are riding metro rile. the councilmembers allen and jander whose constituents are most affected sent a letter to the interim general manager calling for the'll terntive solutions -- alternative solutions. >> we are concerned about the public safety. we know about the recent fire. we don't want to impede upon that. we have to accommodate commuters. mike: after last week's substation fire they have taken steps to ease congestion and there is no perfect solution. for the timeline it could take six months to fix the damaged substation. and as for the service change unclear when that will end. reporting live in southeast, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, mike. we are more than a day away from a possible government shutdown. the house bill has to vote on senate-approved bill to fund the government through december 11.
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meantime, retiring house speaker john boehner and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell are planning to talk to president obama on a two-year budget deal. they say a deal is to avoid a budget fight in an election year. leon: the u.s. is failing to stop most people who want to join isil. that is according to a new report from the house homeland security committee who says manufacture than 250 americans joined or tried to join the terror group in iraq and syria. the committee says the u.s. does not have a comprehensive strategy to combat terrorism at the level. coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- on emergency landing after a fire and a plane landing gear. the investigation on that is happening now. maureen: new cases of legionnaires' disease weeks after a deadly outbreak in new york city. what health officials say about the possible new cluste
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leon: the f.a.a. is investigating a problem that forced an muslim landing of a plane in new york overnight. flight heading to ireline taken off when the pilot announced there was a problem with the hydraulic system and they had to turn the plane back. then another problem showed up. the jet touched down faster than normal and they overused brakes to spark fire in the landing gear. firefighters quickly put out the flames and luckily no one was hurt in the process. still no word on what caused the original malfunction.
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maureen: 7 is on your side tonight with health matters in new york city. health officials are monitoring legionnaires' disease disease in the bronx. seven cases in one neighborhood. all the patients are hospitalized and no deaths. leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- the shift of credit card technology in the u.s. hear what i one boze owner says it has been a frustrating process. leon: plus, the rain ahead tonight and the unsettled pattern for the week. the complete forecast including a look at the tropical storm and how it
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could impact us here. that is up next. robert: i'm robert burton. the wizards kick off training camp. and the skins move another big player. that is coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" continues.
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leon: "7 on your side" is on your side with consumer news about protecting your money. new chip protected credit cards is rolling out and it has the impact on the future of rap iting small businesses -- operating small businesses. we look at the new security feature. diane cho? diane: if you received a new credit card in the mail it likely had a gold or metallic chip on it to help protect your card from fraud. a business owner we talked to today says he hasn't received information about the new changes. >> here, the owner says he still waiting on the upfriday for the equipment to read the chip card. >> we assumed we eat go new terminal. >> but he says the wait continues because he says part of the agreement with the bank they were supposed to provid him with the new equipment but he says they never told him
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when he would receive them. >> other businesses made the switch because on thursday if the businesses don't have the updated equipment, they could be responsible for the fraudulent charges. >> on october 1, if they haven't installed a card read they will have the liability. >> the consumers are becoming aware of the data breaches. they take attention to the payment security their merchant deploys in the store. this is a customer service issue in addition to economic issue. >> don't expect everybody to get on board by thursday. that is because the electronic transaction association say
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banks are still in the process of placing the cards and hope majority will be done at the end of the year. in the satellite center, diane cho. leon: thank you. keurig known for the pod base coffee making jumping to anularena. they are getting in the soda business and up vailed the one that will make soda and carpnated drinks. it will cost you $370. maureen: nearly eight inches of rain fell in north carolina. it causedded a mud slide. a 20-foot retaining wall gave way. the parking lot is closed. officials are worried it will cause more damage. doug: if we get another .4 of an inch of rain at reagan before midnigh it will mean
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the most rain in single day in washington since end of july. we had a long stretch of dry weather. nowa lot of rain coming here. get started with a lot of rain out west. the arizona in red are the flash flood warnings in effect. shenandoah picked up 2-1/2 inches of rain today. almost the much in culpeper. over an inch in winchester. the rain continues to move north and northeast. leer is washington, d.c. and the area in red and orange. the heaviest rain moving south to north. we noticed the area is drifting east. there is a steady stream of moisture from the south. you see this flow of moisture from the gulf of mexico?
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that is to our area for the next few days. add to that impact from joaquin. a new stop corral storm. the hrricane center says it could be a hurricane tomorrow. but over the next few days it could drift southwest. or make a sharp right-hand turn and come north. the problem is the tracks are all over the place. we don't have to have it come on shore for impact. look at these computer model tracks. they are all over the place from bermuda to myrtle beach. somewhere in between. i wouldn't give you a nickel for anybody who could tell you for certain how it will happen. nobody knows. it will be an interesting pattern. getting through the next few days there are plenty of
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chances of thunderstorms tomorrow, thursday, friday and saturday. and saturday night and sunday. a lot to watch in the next seven days. 30% chance storm. cold front coming through. cooler on thursday and friday. 6 o% chance for friday and saturday. tapes off on sunday. cool and breezy. if it moves the right way or the wrong way involving joaquin we could have tremendous amount of rain but it is too early to know for sure. maureen: thank you for the information. leon: robert is watching the injury list at redskins front. robert: tropical storm redskins. if desean jackson could come back for philadelphia. but the skins lose another big piece to injury. how long the starting guard is out and the latest from the wizards training catch. i will tell you why you could
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see new o
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robert: the nba seasoning is upon us. training camp started today with the new additions. i hope they are ready to run. last season the wizards were at their best when they ran the floor, whether it's john wall finding bradley beale or finding nene or gortat on the
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break. either way, the game plan this year is to run. >> we get more up-tempo. that's what we have to get to every time we hit the ball. a great first day. first day. we had great energy. everybody gave it their all. this is a good first year. robert: bad news out of the redskins camp. the starting guard lebau placed on injured reserve list. meantime, the terps are preparing for a big ten battle. jim harbaugh and michigan coming to the park. they ned confidence real quick. they just lost to west virginia 45-6. that could get worse. here is randy edsall. randy: life is hard. not everything is a box of chocolates. there is always going to be
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adversity. it comes in life. so what we have to do is as a team collectively, we have to stick with each other. circle wagons. go prepare and work hard. robert: the baseball the rangers are reflexing their muscles. they are going to the playoff. this kid felt the need to flex his muscles. here is the thing. the uncle was the camera man for the game. so what he does is get in the spirit as well. that is how you flex. bryce harper is back in line-up tonight for the nats as they kick off a three-game series with the braves in atlanta. leon: great halloween costume is a tie. maureen: let's hear about wet weather. doug: doppler radar, we have
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plenty of rain. this is in the blue ridge. plenty of rain and shower for the next few days and then the attention will turn to tropical storm joaquin. this squiggly lines are the individual computer model solutions as to what will happen track wise in the next few days. we will get rain. as i enjoy my dinner tonight steve rudin has the job of tracking joaquin and monitoring the heavy rainfall and the cooler temperatures tonight at 11:00. leon: you will be walking out of here. doug: in the rain! [laughter] maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir up next. leon: all right. folks, see you a
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tonight, we're tracking two storms. one set to become a hurricane. the major system hitting. flash flood alerts stretching 1,000 miles. d.c., philly, new york and new england in the path. and then, the tropical storm strengthening at this hour, swirling off the coast. the breaking news tonight. the mother, minutes away from execution here in the u.s. the plea from pope francis to spare her life. the parole board's decision. the showdown. the head of planned parenthood in the hot seat. after what was captured on those controversial videos. and that moment at the debate. >> its heart beating, its kicking. >> tonight, questions about that video now answered. the midair scare. the passenger plane forced to land. the brakes igniting a fire at jfk airport. and the new iphone, for $1? tonight, the companies racing to get your business.


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